Pastor Dennis

Jesse Testimonial

Tonya and Jesse

Where do I start on how large of an effect that LIFEteam had in saving my life? I was first introduced to the co-founder of this amazing organization back in December through events that only the Lord himself could have put in to motion. This organization connected me with my faith mentor Pastor Dennis who is the founder of “All In Ministries” who has been a pillar of support in my recovery. Since first being helped through a devastating portion of my life, fighting through addiction LIFEteams and co-founder Dr. Tom have helped surround me with caring people who truly have helped me. I’m now working with LIFEteams to hopefully be able to help others going through like struggles as myself or any life changing event. Thank you LIFEteam (everyone so many of you) and if your reading this going through a devastating or life changing event yourself or know someone who is please reach out you’re not alone. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God bless.

~Jesse Shaw

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