Click on the book covers to purchase Dr. Tom Blee’s book “How to Save a Surgeon: Stories of Impossible Healing” or John Turnipseed’s Book “Bloodline: You Spend Enough Time in Hell You Get the Feeling You Belong” through amazon. Both books are truly amazing stories of overcoming great struggles in life from very different perspectives but through a common source. We will also be sharing books from our other authors that we find truly inspiring. Newly added is our very dear friend Ben’s book “Six Years Lost” please head over to amazon and purchase a copy. Dr. David R Asp Start Line and Beyond: Chronicles of an Athlete/Cancer Patient is a newly added inspirational book we think you will enjoy. Pursuing life is an amazing book written by an even more amazing gentleman about wisdoms learned about life through being a shepherd. Operation Grab Bag is written by a amazingly strong faithed gentleman, it’s a fiction book that takes place during the WWII era we think you will enjoy!

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