LIFEteam was first started by Dr. Tom Blee while working at a major hospital in the cities. He continued to see numerous inner-cities adolescents come in with gun shot wounds and plans for retaliation. Out of frustration and determination he contacted John Turnipseed to assist him in reaching these kids and families to attempt to make life changing decisions to break the cycle of destructive behavior.

Our purposes are to:

  • Provide resources to any person and their family going through a┬ámonumental life changing transformation or life altering event;
  • Connect different community organizations with different specialties to be able to better help and improve the lives of the people being impacted.
  • To connect individuals and groups with similar missions and visions to help the organizations build a larger support network.

Articles of Incorporation

LIFEteam – Amended Articles of Incorporation DRAFT JLL JLU 03-06-2018

501C3 acceptance letter

LIFETeam – Determination Letter